Six cops arrested

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Excellent news today: the six police officers who beat Andries Tatane to death in Ficksburg earlier this week have been arrested. Here’s the story reporting the arrests. Now let’s see what happens to them.

The road to Zim?

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I have frequently commented that elements of the ANC are sounding more and more like ZANU PF and if one looks at what has happened in the police services in the last few years, that worry is increasingly relevant. Consider this: In my last post concerning the Ficksburg man who was beaten to death by police, I noted that  I had :

…heard a little rumour, that has yet to be confirmed, that the victim fancied himself as a prospective councillor. If that is true, I’d like to know if he was (a) one of those removed from the ANC party list; (b) an independent; or (c) a candidate for an opposition party. The answers could be very revealing.