Six cops arrested

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Excellent news today: the six police officers who beat Andries Tatane to death in Ficksburg earlier this week have been arrested. Here’s the story reporting the arrests. Now let’s see what happens to them.

Strange rumblings

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Something very concerning happened this week. A man, identified as Andries Tatane, was allegedly beaten to death by six police officers during a service delivery protest near the town of Ficksburg, which, ironically, is in the Free State. Even more disturbingly, video footage of the incident was broadcast on state-run SABC news programmes.

SHOCKING: Andries Tatane died on Wednesday after he was allegedly assaulted by a group of policemen during a service delivery protest in Ficksburg. Picture: VOLKSBLAD

With local government elections happening next month, the ruling ANC was swift to condemn and instruct the minister of Police to probe the incident. And we all know how that will go: he’ll set up a commission of enquiry to probe the incident; its members will talk about producing a report within a year or two; and, if a report is eventually forthcoming, it will not be made public.