Time for reparations

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I’m no fan of Julius Malema but I have to accept that he has exposed the failure of the SA government to address the legacy of apartheid and is exploiting that failure to his own benefit. The uncharitable among you may attribute government’s failure to infighting and squabbling over the spoils of victory. And while there certainly does seem to be an element of that, I refuse to believe that this entire government is corrupt. There are too many people in the public sector – right up to ministerial level in some cases – who are quietly getting on with the job in difficult circumstances.

However, the fact remains that this government hasn’t done enough for the victims of apartheid. On that I agree with Malema but we differ markedly on the solution – but then my motivation isn’t self-enrichment. I’m not certain the same can be said for him. But I digress. The real point of this post is to highlight what I think is a brilliant solution to the reparations problem facing this government. I should note at this juncture that this post is an expansion of my editor’s note in the next issue of African Leader magazine, which role is one of my day jobs. More

Pikitup gets a clue

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Who are these people and what have they done with the incompetent fools who used to run the city of Johannesburg? As a long-time resident of the city I’m used to services not being delivered and no explanation being available. For example, just last Saturday night I was sitting watching a movie when at almost exactly eleven o’clock, the power goes out. I tried to phone City Power but either the call centre isn’t staffed late on a Saturday night or the single operator was off on an extended tea-break. The power eventually came back on after about six hours and I found out the next day that it was a widespread outage affecting several suburbs so it’s just possible the call centre was over-loaded. More