It was a spur of the moment decision but I dropped in at the annual Lusito Land festival today. Despite the fact that it takes place within walking distance of where I live these days (and have done for about three years), I haven’t been for a long time.

There was not a single Portuguese beer on sale at Lusito Land 2013

In spite of the R60 entrance fee, first impressions were favourable: lots of funfair rides for the kids, an impressive array of stalls and what seemed like a watering hole down every alley. I was also intrigued to see a stall displaying (and selling) polish meat products and another that was peddling products of Canadian origin.

But sadly, that’s not the only place the Portuguese had sold out the origins of the event. The other, far more important area was in the numerous beer tents: the only “beer” on sale was the chemically enhanced swill peddled by SABMiller.

This was disappointing on so many levels because, unless my memory fails me, one of the more interesting taste journeys at the Lusito Land festivals of yore was that presented by the many different Portuguese beers available in this country. That’s a massive fail in my book.