The whole orange mini-skirt debacle could spell the beginning of the end for FIFA and Sepp Blatter’s mafia-style hegemony over world soccer. If you missed the news, 36 nubile young things were kicked out of the stadium for wearing orange mini-skirts to a World Cup game between Denmark and Holland  – all because the dresses were provided by the competitor to an official sponsor.

The over-reaction by FIFA has been both criticised and praised. Personally, I think it was just stupid because the resulting publicity for Bavaria (the competitor) has been such that marketing types will be ignoring the opportunity if they don’t begin to target large sporting events in just that sort of under-stated manner.

And if “official” sponsors can’t be sure they won’t be made to look foolish by that sort of “ambush marketing”, why would they spend all that money with FIFA?  The answer is simple: they won’t. Ergo, FIFA won’t get the billions it has come to expect from sponsorship, which should begin to loosen the stranglehold Blatter has on world soccer. That can only be a good thing for soccer.