I regularly read Pierre de Vos’ blog and often find myself agreeing with him, but not this time. He has clambered aboard the Israeli-bashing bandwagon currently over-burdened with the likes of BBC and NYT. To me the issue is not so cut-and-dried. Israel is not blocking AID shipments to Gaza, as most of the pinko-liberal media would have you believe. On the contrary, AID regularly goes through to Gaza via Israeli channels set up to ensure that no weaponry get through too.

Sure, it’s sad that nine (or is it ten) people were killed but the fact remains that this was a blatant attempt by Israel’s enemies to circumvent mechanisms put in place to prevent a rearming of radicals in Gaza. Indeed, WSJ is carrying a much more nuanced piece which attempts to see both sides of the issue. Somewhat surprisingly, the NYT also has an informed piece on the saga and how it came to this.

The bottom line is that Israel is in a fight for survival against enemies who have repeatedly sworn not to rest until it is wiped from the face of the earth. And don’t be fooled by the so-called peace process: it is what it is and any concessions by Hamas et al are merely tactics intended to disadvantage Israel. As a friend put it in an email post this morning:

“While one could argue that dropping special forces on the boat was a little extreme, one wonders how the critics reckon the convoy could have been stopped and searched any other way. The
‘activists’ made no secret of the fact that they would not be stopped and there is no country in the world that would stand back and allow the freetrafficking of arms to a group that has publicly called for its annihilation.”

Talk about a rock and a hard place.