There’s a revolution happening in the climate science business: voices are beginning to be heard that, until recently, were drowned out by the posturing of those who believe the theory that man-made CO2 is causing the planet to overheat.

Last year I read a fascinating book (which I reviewed for a local trade publication) by Dr Roy Spencer, a climatologist and former NASA scientist. In a mere 270-odd pages and in plain English, he completely debunks the theory that man’s activities could have any lasting effect on the planet’s climate system. More recently, I read – and am reviewing for a local magazine – Christopher Booker’s more detailed debunking of the idea that CO2 is the villain causing the planet to overheat.

These voices have now also been joined by a renowned American weatherman, John Coleman, but he has restricted himself to the medium on which he is best known: television. Click the image to be redirected to his video on the subject.