Funny thing happened at Maropeng the other day. Al Gore was in town at the behest of IBM to talk at the blue company’s local launch of its “Smart Planet” strategy. Excellent, I thought, here was an opportunity to ask the ex-next president of the United States some of those really inconvenient questions about climate change.

But sadly, even though I RSVP’d immediately, it was not to be. A little bird told me that instructions had come down from His Goreness’ legal minders that were to be expressly barred from his presentation. Oh, I was assured that we were welcome to attend the sessions that made up the rest of conference but we were unwelcome in THAT one. And to reinforce the point, there were even eagle-eyed security personnel standing by to forcibly prevent members of the fourth estate from sneaking into the conference hall prior to his arrival.

Bizarrely, the entire thing was broadcast to everyone who hadn’t gained entry into the hallowed hall.


His Goreness evangelising climate change

And so, being the intrepid reporter, I decided to record what he said so I could report on his latest scheme to “get rich quick by banging the climate change drum”.  I’d only been at it for a few minutes when I was informed by an IBM PR person that I wasn’t allowed to record His Goreness’ utterings.

So, I stopped – all the while protesting my innocence. But as it turns out, he had nothing new to say: it was almost exactly the same thing he has said a thousand times before, if anything, with even less substantiation than before. As usual he insisted that “the science [of climate change] is settled”, which anyone with half a brain knows is simply hot air; Science is NEVER settled. Ask any scientist if you don’t believe me but make sure it’s an actual scientist you ask, not one of the politicians masquerading as scientists on the IPCC. In fact, if you want to know how much that originally august body has been corrupted by the likes of His Goreness, you may want to read about the real climate change catastrophe or, better yet, read the book. It’s certainly on my wish list.

But back to His Goreness. Less enlightened readers may wonder what questions I would have addressed to the world’s best known climate change evangelist, had I been given the chance. The list is long, so long. But if I had only had one, it would have been: “Do you find it inconvenient that your infomercial on climate change was criticised by a UK judge who highlighted nine ‘scientific errors’ in the film?”

Hmmm. Maybe THAT’s why journalists were banned from his presentation… no. It couldn’t be, could  it?