The good news started flowing last week when I received an embargoed (at the time) press release informing me that the South African Bureau of Standards has objected to Microsoft’s gerrymandering of the ISO approval process by lodging an appeal. Ok. It doesn’t say it in those words but that’s my interpretation

That was on 28 May 2008. Tectonic reported two days later, last Friday, that Brazil had entered the fray by lodging its appeal and then on Saturday (31 May) that India had also weighed in. So, at the time of writing, three leading developing nations had objected to the ratification of Microsoft’s OOXML format via ISO’s fast-track process, alleging the due process was not followed – or words to that effect. All three appeals have been received by ISO so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. Watch this space.

UPDATE: Mark Shuttleworth was a guest on the weekly ZA Tech show and had some interesting things to say about this and other tech-related issues. Check it out here.