The song title above sprang into my head this morning when a friend related events at a Microsoft launch in South Africa yesterday. Rodders kindly allowed me to blog his words on a private mailing list:

Don’t know how many of you attended the big Microsoft launch of their 2008 Server, SQL server and Visual Studio yesterday, but I found it really funny to note that every time a new speaker came up to the podium, they were intro’d by the opening bars of The Parlotones’ recent big hit, “Giant Mistake”!!

It gets even better when one considers that the chorus includes the lines:

“What the hell were we thinking, were we thinking at all? – what the hell did we believe we’d achieve?”

Never thought Microsoft was the type to ensure it had the most apt theme music ever for its new products!!!!

I don’t know about you but I’m speechless, and for me that’s pretty remarkable.