Startling news has emerged from the International Data Corporation (aka IDC). A new report by analyst Matt Lawton has discovered that across the board, open source software projects represent significant initiatives within respondents’ organisations, and there is momentum carrying these forward into the next year. But, shocklingly, this year’s study also revealed a huge hole in the open source software ecosystem, according to Lawton:

“Study respondents are largely relying on themselves to integrate, implement, and train users on their open source projects. Third-party service providers must educate themselves about open source technologies and start offering project-specific services to ensure the continued adoption of open source software in the end-user community.”

Well… d’oh. So businesses are doing it for themselves and that’s a bad thing? Apparently. I haven’t been privileged enough to see the report but C-Net’s Matt Asay has and he writes:

“Enterprises are unshackling themselves from proprietary, expensive licenses and reinvesting that money in the gift that keeps on giving: people. That’s how I read the data.”

Quite so. You can read his full analysis here. But one stat that jumped out at me was:

“90 percent of respondents are planning to increase or keep the same (very healthy) level of investment in open source.”

There are some smart people out there.