Online tech publication C-Net UK has unveiled its top ten terrible tech products of all time. Many of the products were so bad that they didn’t survive long enough to make it out to South Africa – thankfully. For example, top of the pops in the top ten list is the 1985 Sinclair C5 battery-powered tricycle.

Unfortunately, two most certainly did make it here: Sony’s infamous root kit, which C-Net describes as “the worst product anyone has ever released in the history of the music industry”. Rounding out the top ten is another recent product, Microsoft Windows Vista. Here’s the summary:

“[Vista’s] incompatibility with hardware, its obsessive requirement of human interaction to clear security dialogue box warnings and its abusive use of hated DRM, not to mention its general pointlessness as an upgrade, are just some examples of why this expensive operating system earns the final place in our terrible tech list.”

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