Almost everywhere you look these days Vista is being criticised. I’ve posted numerous stories here since starting this blog in July (click on the Windows category alongside), the general consensus of which is that Vista wasn’t ready when Microsoft launched it. The advice is almost unanimously to wait for Pack 1 or, in some cases, wait until SP2. Surprise, surprise.

That businesses are heeding the advice is made clear by recent reports in ComputerWorld UK here and here. Even computer maker Dell reversed its policy shortly after Vista’s launch. And yet, despite this, Microsoft continues to ram its clearly incomplete operating system down consumers’ throats. The attitude seems to reminiscent of Henry Ford: you can have any Windows you like as long as it’s Vista. Thanks for nothing.

But there is one bright spot. A Dutch consumer group has forced Redmond to back down and provide consumers in that country with a downgrade path back to XP. Wouldn’t it be grand if South African consumers had such effective representation?