ZD Net tech journo Rupert Goodwins has blogged an interesting comparative evaluation between the latest version of Windows (Vista) and the most recent release of Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon or 0710). Unsurprisingly, he concludes that Ubuntu rocks and Vista sucks (my words, not his). Here’s an excerpt:

On Friday, I decided to update [Ubuntu] from 7.04 to 7.10. That took a single click – no, honestly – in the system software manager, and about ten minutes downtime, most of which was me playing about. While most of the software was downloading and installing itself, I could carry on working.

Maybe Goodwins has a faster internet connection – oh hell, of course he has a much faster internet connection because he doesn’t have to suffer Telkom – but when I did the same upgrade myself (last Friday) it took about an hour to download everything. And while I was able to continue working too, the local bandwidth problem meant that anything net related was slow as molasses – but I can’t blame Ubuntu for that. On Vista he writes:

… mostly: it’s slow, it’s intrusive, and it’s arbitrarily different. It takes minutes to wake up from various sleep states or from a restart; minutes in which parts of the system seem to get going only to lapse into an unresponsive state where you’re not at all sure whether your mouse clicks are registering.

Now I can’t comment on that because the copy of Vista Microsoft gave me to review in January is still sitting on my shelf, neatly shrink-wrapped. That’s not because I don’t want to evaluate it; I simply don’t have a spare PC with enough horsepower to do so – other than my ThinkPad which is my production machine so there is no way I’m risking it. I’m hoping to get a Vista-capable PC shortly and I’ll be able to report my own experiences thereafter.

Anyway, for the whole story read Goodwins’ blog here.