It seems that the FFII ( Förderverein für eine Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur or, in English, Promotion Association for a Free Information Infrastructure) has awarded Microsoft its “Best Campaigner against OOXML Standardization (sic)” prize.
Dubbed the “Kayak Prize 2007” the award recognises Microsoft’s tireless efforts to aid the rejection of OOXML by ISO (International Standards Organisation). FFII president Pieter Hintjens explains: “By pushing so hard to get OOXML endorsed, even to the point of loading the standards boards in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, and beyond, Microsoft showed to the world how poor their format is.

“Good standards just don’t need that kind of pressure. All together, countries made over ten thousands technical comments, a new world record for an ISO vote. Microsoft made a heroic – and costly – effort to discredit their own proposal, and we’re sincerely grateful to them,” he added.

The FFII Board says the monopolist can collect its prize of 2,500 Euros, minus the cost of registering the domain, 12 euros. FFII vice-president Alberto Barrionuevo explains, “we ran a cheap campaign, mostly through that single website. So we’re happy with a token reimbursement of our costs. Several of the Kayak prize nominees told us they did not want any financial reward for their work. So if Microsoft does not send someone to the award ceremony, we’ll give the money to the Peruvian earthquake fund.”

The full press release is available here.