A new customer satisfaction survey out from the University of Michigan that cites the American Customer Satisfaction Index puts Apple on top of the customers’ pile with with 79% satisfaction rating. HP’s Compaq division is languishing at the bottom of the heap on 73%.

While these figures may seem high we shouldn’t leave sight of that they suggest around a quarter of PC customers in the US are dissatisfied with their computers. Interestingly, my own favoured brand – Lenovo – doesn’t get a mention, which is probably due to a lack of penetration of the US market. More’s the pity: everybody I know who has a ThinkPad swears by it – especially those who, like me, dumped Windows.

The Inq‘s Wily Ferret makes an interesting comment: “As PCs continue to become commoditised and prices fall, it’s perhaps not surprising that the manufacturer coming out on top is about the only one with any profit margin left – Apple’s machines come with a hefty price premium for design, and that money pays for customer support, something Dell has yet to get its grip on.” The full story is here.

More details on the survey, including a table of the results, can be found here.