One of my hobby horses is open source software – not because it’s “free” but because it’s simply better quality than anything available from proprietary software vendors who keep their source code to themselves. Think about it: for an open source programmer every new application is another page in their CV. But I digress.

Recent research by XiTi Monitor indicates that the use of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is now almost 25% across Europe. In fact, in some countries it’s rapidly approaching the 50% mark. Similar figures can be found in the Far East but in deepest darkest Africa Firefox penetration is lagging at a paltry 13.1% – see the full report more here.

Interestingly users in the US are still predominately locked into Microsoft with Firefox users there making up just 15.1% of the web browsing public. This is supported by Janco Associates research published here. However, it should be noted that Janco’s CEO, M Victor Janulaitis, doesn’t agree that his figure of 13% represents US market share for Firefox. Indeed, he reckons his figures are the global average.

You make up your own mind.